Monday, August 31, 2009


OMG! I found my user name for its aly so I am back and maybe not better then ever, but the important thing is that I am back! Reall cant write much now, but I have a contest coming up soon! So come back later this week. Peace out!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

they are small minded!

K! If I have not told you this before I will say it again. BOYS ARE SMALL MINDED CREARUTES! The reason that I say that again is cuz, well, I went to movie night with my new bf, and, well let me give you some backround information.

He asked me out at the school dance the last friday in march I think. And on saturday,Amber called me and the whole school knew, because every one was texting it around. So in the school, we are pretty much the couple of the century, and it was kind of weird cuz like this never happened before. So we went to the movie night together, and all of his guy friends had their cell phones out ready to take a picture of him making a move of something, and we had no choice but to just sit there and that was what we did. But then he started to talk to his guy friends, and I really tried to ignore it, but I kept hearing my name comeing up. So during intermition, one of his friends came up and said that he might break up with me cuz I was not talking to him. So I tried to talk to him, but he was avoiding me!!! What the??.... What kind of logic is that? I'll tell you, GUY LOGIC!!! Like I said, guys are small minded, but that is why we love em. Cuz it reminds us that the simplest things matter. And that was what reminded me. He did not tell me that he loved me, but that he just so upset thinking that he blew it. And that showed how much he cared. But the bad part is that everyone is texting: "Aly and **** have <3>

Friday, April 10, 2009

Are you obsessed results.

K. I would give you guys a funny intro, but all I've got is, Did ya ever find the time, when you couldnt think of a rhyme? See, that is all I have got. I feel like a total failure. With out my funny, or would be funny, I am nothing! NOTHING I TELL YOU! Sorry about that, I guess that I am just obsessed about being funny. See, I made a punny! Any way, now it is time to see if you are obsessed.

Mostly A's: Uh oh. When you have a boyfriend, you lock him up and never let him see the light. You have to learn to trust him and give him some rope. But not enough to hang himself. Just enough so he can actually interact with another human being. But still, you have to be cautious, cuz some girls will steal your man right out fomr under your nose!

Mostly B's: All right. You are a mixture of both obsessed and relaxed. You know when there is trouble and you help keep him off of the beaten path, and out of the dog house, too. Like I said before, you can smell trouble and jump right into action, but you can trust him and he respects that of you. Keep up the good work!

Mostly C's: You need to tighten your grip girl!!! Now you are giving him enough rope to hang himself. He knows that you trust him so much, and you always stay out of his buisness. But you have to be carefull, cuz you might get really hurt by doing that. Some guys might take advantage of that and cheat on you, and you do not want that. So try to be a little more carefull about what he does, just in case. But other then that, your realationship is, or should be going good! Peace out!!!

C and C rockz!

Hey you guys! Remember when I said I had something really important to say, well I do. So here goes. Wait I just lost it. Now I got it back. Wait, no... still gone. O, wait1 Now I remember! C and C rockz! So by now you are most likely thinking, What the heck is she talking about. Well C and C is actually a soda. My mom works for the company. It is a small, family owned buissness with only 7 employees. {Not including me} But for some reasone, we just can not get any buissness. Its not that our soda is bad, its just that with this economy, lixuries like this soda, are very rare. And if we do not get some buissness soon, we might have to shut down! Come on, do not do that to us!!!! So I say that you need to look in your local stores and super markets or where ever soda is sold, and look for some thing with the label, "C and C" but avoid soda like "Top Pop". So for the sake of us, buy as much as you can. And who knows, maybe we will be here a little bit longer. So all in all we need the cash nad you have it, so BUY C AND C TODAY! Peace out!!!

Are you obsessed?

Hey people of earth and maybe even beyonde for some of you special people! I come in peace! All right. So I was doing some reasearch and I found that in 90% of realationships, it is the women that is obsessed with the man, not the other way around. I did a little more research cuz that is just how big of a nerd I am, and it says that only in 2% of realationships that both the male and female have the same amount of power. And that is in both marraige and dating wise! Talk about tough. So I devised a quiz for you girls to tell once and for all..... Are you obsessed?

1) When you see your boyfriend with another group of girls do you:
A: Go right over there and drag him out.
B: Join the group but keep your distance from him.
C: Walk away like you never saw anything. See no evil hear no evil, right?

2) You call his cell all the time cuz you have just scored tickets to the opening game at Patriots Stadium, he never returns your calls. You:
A: Keep calling and leave messgae after message after message after, well you get the point.
B: Go to his house and demande why he has not been returning your phone calls.
C: Just give away the tickets, cuz apparently he does not want to go. Stupid guy code.

3) You finally got through to him! But the only bad part is that another girl that sounds alot like your best friend picked up his phone. What do you do?
A: Dump him as your bf and her as you bff. You do not have time for poeple like that.
B: You think, there must be a party at his house and she was nice enough to answer his phone. Hey, why wasnt I invited?
C: You start telling her off and then hang up, only to relize it was her cell phone that you were calling, not his.

4) You and him are just chilling at the beach, when a girl walks by. Your bf immeditly strikes up a convo with her. You:
A: Tell her to back away slowly, he is yours!
B: Dump your smoothie on her head. It wasnt that good any way.
C: Look away and then act shocked to see that she was there. You start talking to her too.

All right! That was the Are you obsessed quiz. Come back soon and I will have the results posted soon! Peace out!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Remember me?

It has been such a long time since I have talked to you guys and I hope you remembe me! Ya know, the funny looking kid? The one that is pretty much always up beat and smiling? Ugh! The one that says hola alot! Ahhh, now we are getting some where! Alright. For this post I wanted to talk about something that has been bought to my attention. Lots of people from my school, have been saying that I am acting like a fake and that I am being very superficial this school year. I know alot of kids from my school read my blog and some of those people are the ones that said that, or know some one who did. So I would like to say some thing. You have every right to say that. I have been acting like a fake. This year all I wanted to do was fit in because those of you who know me, know that not once have I every fit in before in the history of ever. But today I relized that by me trying to fit in to a certain group, { The jocks, skaters, punks, punk rock, populars, wanna be's, nerds, dorks, preps, and mis-fits} that I was leaving behind to very important things, the real me, and my true friends. So I am now on spring break and do not go back to school untill tuesday, so by then I should have my act together and know the real me. The real me does not belonge to a certain group. Yes I have a group of friends in my class that I spend alot of time with but that is NEVER EVER EVER!!!!!! an exlusive clique. DO YA'LL HERE ME? K. the real me has tons of friends in tons of different groups. So I spend most of my time running to diffent groups around the school. The real me is truly kind and caring, but is not afraid to speak her mind and the truth. And alot of people do not like it when they ask you something and you tell them what you really think. One reasone though that lots of people hate another is because the "target" is confident on who he/she is. I once knew a girl in this school now and we got into a huge fight because she did not like me one bit. When I asked her why she said, "Cuz no matter how hard I try, I can never bring you down and make you feel weak and worhtless." I yelled at her saying, "So the only reasone you hate me is cuz I am happy with the way I am?" She simply replied saying yeah. Ever since then tons of people mistake my confidence with superficialness. Yes, some times I do get full if it, but it does not take much to bring me back down to earth. So for those that I hurt in my ex-quest to fit in, I say that I am truly sorry. For those that I have lost I say that I am truly sorry. Heck, for those that have made fun of me because I am who I am, I am sorry. Sorry that you are so insecure that you have to put some one down just so you can feel good. Well maybe you should look away from the mirror and look at the damage you have done. But for those that said I was a fake. I thank you, because you have made me relize what I had done, and that chapter of my life is over. So I hope to start fresh with every one and become the same aly that I used to be. I have to go now, but I have a few more things I need to say in my next post. O, and by the way, if you go to my school, Sampson to the G. to the Smith, write a comment on if you forgive and forget, or if it might take a little more to make it better, I am willing and I want to know. So peace out!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Yet another side of me!!!

Hey guys! I have major beyonde major news! Now, alot of people have been emailing me saying that I should make another blog with amber and that we should put videos and pictures of ourselves on it. So I said, why not? So, introducing....ya ready?.....Ya sure your ready?......I dont think that you guys are ready,......Alright, fine. No need to get touchy! Introducein! We do not have anything of our selves up yet but it is still going to happen. On this blog I show yet another side of me. I show the real me. I am still the same as I am here, funnny,loyal and I still have my rare logical moments that seem to never fall through. So you will be able to follow me and amber on our wild adventures! Check out for the things I am doing like: Fashion, gossip, contest, quizzes, music, and videos of me and amber and other random people! So check out! Go there now. Come on I dare you. Alright then, peace out!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Honorary "Its Aly" reader award!!!!

Hola guys! Its me, aly! Thank you thank you hold the applause! Now, I know some of you have been following this "City Slicker" story pretty closley, and the plan is post-poned until tomorrow because he was absent. But there is still a catch. I caught a cold, thanks to my wonderfull partner in crime, Amber, so I might miss out on all the fun tomorrow. I really want to go to school tomorrow because it is my ALL TIME FAVORITE holiday, ST.Patricks day. And in honor of that, my special team members, {Meaning my mom and me} have put together a quiz. I will not post the quiz until tomorrow though, so check up tomorrow. Right now I have a special person to thank. She has been reading its aly since it was just a baby, and to that, I would like to thank Natia for being the best supporter I could ask for.She has written in things that have actually mad me feel better and to that I say thank you. You are now in the "ITS ALY HALL OF FAME!!!!!" The other members are, Chris, Amber and now Natia. I hope you enjoy your spot up there! I have a special treat for you guys tomorrow so check in with that! Love you guys! Peace!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I love you guys its not even funny!

I love you guys soooooo much it is not even funny! Okay, maybe a little! I got the best comment ever that have had me and amber in a fit of giggles for the past half hour. Natia said "I think you did the right thing girl! Get him good!!" I think that was teh best moral support I could ask for. I am going to give it to him good. All right, today is sunday and that means that I have to see him tomorrow! Here is my outfit: A denim mini, a blue abercrombie sweater and ballet flats. I usualy do not wear a skirt, but last time I did, every one said I looked good so I put my life in their hands. And they better be right! So wish me luck and I hope you guys have a the best monday possible. Peace!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Its life and we all have to deal with it!

All right. I am going to tell you a big piece of my personel life so get ready for this. Since about an hour ago, I have been going out with this guy in my class for a week. And let me tell you something, SOOOO NOT FUN! I will not state any names, so I will just call him "The city slicker" cuz he totally fooled my into thinking he actually cared about me. So, my best friend Amber came over to my house and we started to talk about the City Slicker and then I said, "I do not think it is going to work out between me and him." So, Amber who is like the best at applying make-up, ( I am really good at that too, but it is still hard to do it to yourself) Any way, she did my makeup, hair, outfit for monday, and nails. The whole time we were listening to my FAVORITE singer, Avril Lagvine, and it was a blast. Then we called him and I told him that it was over and he started laughing at me! He thought it was some kind of joke! So right now I am really mad! So lets take a poll. If you think I was wrong to break up with him, leave a comment saying that you think I shouldn't have. If you think I did the right thing, leave a comment saying that. All right! I guess your wondering where the advice is, right? Well this whole thing was the advice! Get a friend to come over and I know that this may sound girly, but do a total girl day spa! It made me feel alot better. Now I am just wondering how I am going to get this make up off. So follow those steps and you will feel like a brand new women. I know I do. Peace out!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How to cope with..... Life!

Some people try to avoid this subject, but I think that this is the perfect thing to talk about since lots of people now are hitting some pretty rough times! All I really have to say is, The sun will come out tomorrow! No, I am just playing! The real advice is just to know that no matter where you are in life, there will always be a better day. And no matter how alone you feel, there is always some one out there for you. It does not matter if you are living on the street, cuz wheather its your mom,dad,brother,sister or even me, we are always there. In fact, I mean that so much, that I will give you my email adress so you can toal to me at any time. There, that should do it! If you need any private advice that will not get posted up on the internet, or if you just want to say hi, email me and I will email back as soon as I see what you wrote! So keep your chin up and know that just because you might be 100,000,000 miles away, does not mean that I will not give you the comfort and advice that you need. Keep it Kewl peeps! Peace out!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valintines Day!

Love is in the air! Wait no, its just you! Most of my friends know that I am not that crazy about valintines day. Honestly, it is just like Halloween. The economy gets a boost from all of the candy and toys they sell. But I think that if you like someone, I mean really like someone, you should show it all year round. Do not make this the one day of the year where you show your soft side. Trust me. Some ideas for him would be just a phone call just to reminde them that you are always going to be there for them and that you just do not want to be their girlfriend, but also their best friend. Now I know that by now you have figured out that I do not have a boyfriend cuz you are sitting there thinking "She does not know how hard it is to tell your boyfriend that" Well guess what, if it is hard to tell your bf how you feel, than that is not a good relationship. You need to feel comfertable around them at all times. And he should be like your best friend. So good luck and hope you have an awsome v-day! Peace out.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bees, no top and boys laughing= what chris wrote about

O.k! I got a comment from my most avvid reader Chris. Her friend got attacked by bees! They were all over her shirt. She had to take off her top and all of the boys laughed at her. What I say is, who cares what they think. I mean, if those people really took the time to think about it, that is probobly the only thing to do. I am sure they would have done the same thing. Now I know that it is really hard to ignore some body, especially a group of people, but I have had years of practice. Just go up to them, look them straight in the eye and say, "I know that you think that it is just so funny that I got dive bombed by bees, but let me tel you something. I bet that if the same thing happened to you, you would run home to your moms and cry like little babys" I know that it is not the best solution, but you will feel pretty good about your self after words. And to your friend, i hope she feels a whole lot better! Guess what? I have another blog. Tons of people write to me saying, "Whats up" and I really cant say cuz I dont have enough room to tell them every thing tht is going on. So I created a new blog with me best friend Alayna. It is Its about all of our crazy adventures! And I do mean crazy. And if you write to me with a crazy story, I will post it for the world to see. And every week the most crazy person will be deemed, THE CRAZIEST OF CRAZY PEOPLE! And will get a phone call with yours truly! So go there today and I will hopefully be talking to you soon!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

All is fine in 2009

Hello people of earth! If you are looking at a bunch of green words that look like this, than congradulations! You just found me! And if you see a monkey dancing in your toliet bowl, than you have gone crazy! As you know, I am the awsome aly! And lots of people are asking what my ife is really like. They say that for such a crazy girl I must have a super crazy life. And I do thank you very much. So if you want to know to know about it, just go to and let me know about your crazy advebtures on there abd if it is crazy enough, I will post it. And if it is super crazy it will get the ALY CRAZY AWARD! So I will see you there! Dinner is calling. Meat Loaf Surprise. YUCK!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year means new you!

Shana wrote to me saying that she wanted to do something new this year and I say, unless you have something that you really need to get done. Start small. I mean come on! My new years revolution has been gain some waight and eat healthier. But I never do! So I think that every day set a goal. I do that. Today I woke up and said, "I am going to do my gifted and talented literacy homework. And I mean all of it. And guess what? By 4:56 pm, it was completely finished! I felt really good. But than I looked into my book bag and saw that I did not yet do my normal homework. But I was still glad I got that out of the way. And I can enjoy the rest of my week! And tomorrow I am going to wake up and start the day with a new days revolution. So see, if I can do it, any one can. So try it and let me know if it works! Love ya and as I say Peace out!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Boy Drama to the rescue!

Gabriel, I understand what you mean. Sometimes you just have to take a chance. This is the first time ever that I am saying this but, who cares about your friend. She should have made a move by now. Any way, if she was a true friend, she would support you on any choice you make. And if she gets mad at you, she has every right. But only to a certain degree. This is an old saying, True friends= You cry, I cry. You fight, I fight. You jump off a bridge, I get a paddle boat and save your butt. Do you understand? Of course you do not.You do not understand because that was just another one of my crazy schemes. But something along the lines of what is happening to you is also going on with me. Me and my friend, Amber, both like this guy. And he likes her but not me. One day I told her that if he ever asks her out, she should say yes with out ever thinking about me. I told her that I would be mad at her for like, a minute, but then I would support her no matter what because I know deep in my heart that she deservs him and that it is the right thing to do. Peace out!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Kandy :p

I Kandy wrote to me talking about how here best friend who is also an adult is moving away. I think that since she is a family friend, you guys will be in-touch. I just got an awsome idea! Why don't you make a blog and you guys can keep in touch. I think that wanting to cry and being torn is perfectly natrual. We all griev differently but yet the same. In fact, my Grand Mother died a week or so ago and I was so scared.... well not scared but, ok I was scared. I will admit it, I cried like a baby. But the next morning I got p and faces life on day at a time. The worst part is that no body felt like I did. I felt completely hopless! So if you want to cry, cry. If you want to be mad, be mad. Just do not let it stop you from acheiving those dreams of those she gave you. Write back to tell me how it went. Peace out!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Urgant Advice!

Hola Peeps. Its Aly here... Well where else would I be? Some one wrote to me and they did not leave their name saying how this friend ditches her other friends not caring what they think. I ssay that you should one day tell her that if she is going to be that selfish towards her friends, than she needs to look around at the damage that is done. I know that you are a very loyal friend if you care enough to ask for help. I also think that one time, ask her if you could come along, and as seeing that you guys are friends, that should not be a problem. Write back and tell me how it went. Peace out!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sophie! Thanx!

Alrighty than, Sophie wrote to me about something that really touched me. Now what I saw is that you should sit down with her and talk to her. Tell her that you feel that instead of teaching you a lesson, it feels like she just down right hates you. And if you have already done that, I think it is time for a mother-daughter counsling about your relationship. No one should feel like that. And sometimes, you should reflect on your behavior every time one of these "out-bursts" happens with your mom. Maybe you did do something that bad, but I doubt that. So all in all, sit her down and tell her what you are feeling. And if all else fails, Mother-Daughter counsling. Happy Hanicka, Kwanza, or merry Christmas! And tell your friends!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Count Down!

25 Days until Christams! And Happy Holidays From Aly and Her Family!